July 11th, 2018 - Crossfitcove

July 11th, 2018

Hey athletes!  We got some gymnastics and barbell cycling for tomorrow before heading into our rest day.  The gymnastics is some skill work for Pistols and just overall bodily awareness.  Check the video on Candlesticks to a 1-legged Squat.  Focus on a good hollow position at the top of the Candlestick then being able to use your momentum to land flat footed and stand up on one leg.  For the barbell cycling, pick a weight that you can do all 21 reps unbroken with each round.  If you let go of the barbell during the cycle it doesn’t count and you must run a 400m penalty at the end (for each time dropped).






6 rounds:

40 seconds Max Effort Candlesticks to 1-legged Squat

*alternate legs each rep

2 min rest




Every 2 min for 10 minutes:

5 HPCs

7 Front Squats

9 DLs

*once you grip for the HPCs, you can’t let go until you finish the DLs

*400m run penalty for every time you break up a set


Rx  135/95

Sc  105/70

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