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Just a few more days to sign up for the Engine Club!


Only a few more days to sign up for the Engine Club!  We have a great group signed up and have space for just a few more.  We’ve had lots of  interest from athletes looking to improving their conditioning (and specifically running) and the “Engine Club” will do just that!  This is a four-week class that will be lead by the Engine Mom herself Coach Maria. 

The four weeks will include:

– Running technique:  specifically focused on the “Pose Method” of running

– Pre and post run mobility

– WODs specific to run conditioning through speed work as well as longer endurance workouts

– Video analysis to improve run technique

– Private Facebook group to share video / mobility drills and for additional support 

This club is open to all members at Cove and is appropriate for all running backgrounds. We will meet once a week on Wednesday evenings between 7 and 8pm starting on October 11th. The cost of the program is $60 and you can sign up at the following link.  For those that love or hate running this is your chance to get better with a lot of other great folks.  This will be open to friends and family if you know a “non-Covie” who might be interest.



Back Squats/OHS 5/5/5/5/5

(80-90% of 3 RM across)


12 Burpees

____ Double Unders

4 Rounds

Fitness: 100 Singles

Performance: 50 Doubles

Open: 75 Doubles


Coach’s Tip: The focus here is on the 5×5 back squat/OHS at the high %.  After last week’s de-load week we will build over the next two weeks and then retest! The second piece is meant for a quick sweat and should be a fast and spicy workout.


Jenna M.  Beauty in motion.  


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