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Monday 9/10/2018


We know it hard to believe, but this year marks the 17th anniversary of 9/11.  While most of us have our own personal story around this tragic event, we like to bring our Cove community together to remember this day in a very special way.  On Tuesday, we will be honoring the fallen first responders from 9/11 by doing 413 rope climbs as a gym.  During the 9/11 attacks, 413 firefighters, police officers, and EMTs lost their lives trying to save the lives of others, and we will remember each and every one with a climb.  As a gym, our goal is to accumulate 413 ascents (or scaled ascents).  Everyone can contribute and be part of this!

We will also hit a Hero WOD after climbing to mark this day of remembrance in our own unique Cove way!





Pull Up Track 

4 sets:

3 Reps- Chin over bar hold + 90 hold + bottom hold

(Jump into the hold and hit each position for 4 seconds)

12 Seated Barbell Pull ups


Muscle Up Track 

4 sets:

5 Jumping Muscle Ups (be sure to pass through the dip portion. Do these on the high rings.  Hold the last drip in a full press out position for 20 seconds)

10 Ring rows (elevate feet up on a box)


P/PP Mods:

4 sets:

-10 Box Dips

-10 Pause Ring Rows (use breath to manage pressure in core – pause and squeeze scaps at the top)




EMOM for 15 minutes:

Min 1: ____ Doubles

Min 2: 15 KB Swings

Min 3: Max Cals Row


Fitness: 30 seconds of doubles  (35/26)

Performance: 40 Doubles ( 53/35)

Open: 60 Doubles (70/53)


P/PP Mods:

Min1: 12 Assault Bike Cals

Min2: 15 Russian KB Swings

Min3: Max Cals Row


Coach’s Tip: The focus for today is our Gymnastics pulling.  Keeping a good hollow position during your movements is a key component here.  Finish off the day with a good EMOM that will help work on your Double Unders while under fatigue.


This woman continues to amaze us.  Tracey has been so consistent, listens to her coaches and is making amazing gains.  If you haven’t met her yet, introduce yourself and tell her to keep it up!


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