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Nutrition Challenge Success Stories



As you know, we are kicking off our next nutrition challenge in two weeks!  We offer these challenges because we firmly believe a properly nourished athlete makes better athlete… and we want each and every one of you to find nutritional success AND success as an athlete.  Oh, and they work.  Sure, it will require some discipline on your end, but with the support and coaching from the Cove, it’s a heck of a lot easier!  Here are some successes that came out of our most recent challenge.  Take a look at what they have to say!

Tracie M.: It was a great life change for me. Through the Challenge and working with Brittany I’ve lost about 13lbs, but my body fat has decreased significantly. I have gone from my 1 rep max in back squat at 175lbs in 2015 to 205lbs in 2018 (and I was off from 10/2015 to 7/2017) so the improvement has been drastic. The numbers may not seem high but I know that I have gained a tremendous amount of muscle and my clothes and friends/coworkers tell me different.  They are always asking me what I’m doing to get in shape.

 I will continue to be Paleo-ish and with the eating habits I’ve learned from the Cove my WOD’s have improved and if I had a bad food week/day I feel it right away. Cove’s way of life is the way to live!!


Alyssa W.: Down 11 pounds and after working at my restaurant (on my feet, running around for 10+ hours) I do not feel the joint and back pain

Simone: N.: I’m own 13lbs after the last paleo challenge!


Melissa C: ‪ I had a 20lb back squat PR and increased stability during squats PLUS may have figured out some food sensitivities.  And less/no ankle swelling which was an issue before.

Katherine L.:  I had struggled with shakiness during workouts, not knowing what/when to eat to fix the problem. The 30 day challenge truly resulted in my getting the issue under control

Terry S.:‪ I lost 22.5 lbs during the challenge and have since lost more than 25lbs. I also had a 40lb back squat PR vs. my previous max in 2016 when I had been working out for several months regularly. Perhaps the most significant item for me is the food sensitivity issue. I eliminated a significant amount of chemicals and preservatives known to exacerbate ADHD. I have more focus at work and am far more conscious of my performance, form and coaches directions during the WODs. I plan to stay Paleo for the long haul and can’t wait to learn more information about good nutrition!

The details: This Challenge will be led by coach Brittany and will last five weeks. To learn more about her check out our FLEX Nutrition Page.

The cost is $70 and includes the following:

  • Kick off Meeting Sunday April 22nd at Noon
    • Group baseline workout
    • Nutrition Overview
    • Challenge Guidelines
    • Meal templates based on your individual needs
  • Official start on Wednesday April 25th
  • End challenge on Sunday May 20th
  • Access to a Private Facebook page to post recipes, challenges, successes etc…
  • InBody Composition Analysis at the beginning and end of the challenge
    • 8:30-10:30 AM on April 22nd
    • 9AM-12 AM on the 25th of May
      • Body Scan times are set for this date. If you cannot make these times you can still participate in the challenge!

Group Challenges and having a partner who is also invested will increase accountability. Each week a recipe and/or fitness article will be shared with you along with weekly challenges to enhance your results. We will have both a mindful and physical challenge each week. There will be a “can” and “cannot” eat list as this is a time to reset the body and clean out the sludge.

Let’s instill healthy eating habits that can be pulled through the remainder of the year and enhance both our body composition and our performance. Results will be measured and the individual who experiences the greatest transformation will receive a $100 Territory Foods gift card along with one month of 1:1 nutritional services with Coach Brittany. Results will be based on changes seen on In Body Scan, before and after photos and improved performance of a provided baseline workout.




1 Snatch 

1 Hanging Snatch 

1 Overhead Squat 

Take 15 minutes to find a heavy load. 



40 Power Snatch

30 Bar Facing Burpees

20 Power Snatch

15 Bar Facing Burpees

Fitness: 45/35

Performance: 75/55 (Squat Snatch)


Coach’s Tip:   Today we snatch!   If you struggle with Overhead Squats and the mobility to get to a good position, hit 2 Hanging Power Snatches instead.  The Snatch and Hanging Snatch can be a Squat Snatch for all, but should be for the Open group!  And consider Friday’s sets of 5 burpees as the ‘warm up’ for Saturday. Ha!


She put the work in and she got ’em!  Katie G. is now an official member of the Double Under Club!


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