Cove Nutrition Coaching With Coach John



A big focus for the Cove this year is improving our nutritional offerings to our membership as we know the massive importance diet has on one’s physical and mental well-being. We have offered numerous challenges, customized programs through Coach Brittany and Flex Nutrition, invested in the InBody body composition scanner and we are thrilled to announce our newest offering, Cove Nutrition Coaching.

Please be aware that FLEX Nutrition will still be a service offered at the Cove but the demands of being a super mom, coach, and entrepreneur has made it difficult for Coach Brittany to coach as often as she likes. We may not see her as often as we like as coach but she still will be providing her nutritional program to those athletes that are looking for her help.

Cove Nutrition Coaching will be headed by Coach John who has always been passionate about helping our athletes grow. He has always been a master of movement but in an effort to provide the best for our athletes he has dived deep into the nutritional world. He has recently completed his Precision Nutrition Certification (one of the premier programs in this field) and has been working with a number of local clients this past year . He has had great success with his nutrition clients (see some examples below) and we are excited to announce that we will be including his services underneath the Cove nutritional umbrella.



Through this nutrition program we will teach people how to create, implement, and consistently carry out habits (both in and out of the gym) that will help them reach their health and fitness goals.  Everybody’s nutritional goals and needs are different.  Whether it’s weight loss, muscle growth, overall performance in your workouts, different goals require different individual approaches.  As a Nutrition Coach, I will help determine which one(s) fit an athlete best by developing customized plans that address those personal goals.


  • In-person Goal Setting Session where we define your goals and and personal drivers.  Knowing your ‘why’ will help determine your path AND keep you on it.
  • Habit Formation is key to any lifestyle change and I will work with you on daily/weekly/monthly habits to help you find success.
  • Creation of a Customized Approach aligned to your specific goals including:

Consumption guidance:

Meal planning and prepping

Grocery store navigation

Macronutrient consumption

Eating for recovery

Teaching body awareness and control:

Portion control

Listening to hunger cues

How to embrace eating in a social setting

Decision making

Providing accountability:

Goal setting session and consultation

Daily connectivity (through WhatsApp)

Weekly email check-ins

Monthly 20 minute sessions (call, in person, Skype)

Monthly InBody Scans & review (15 min)

Inclusion in any gym “Challenges”


Contract Commitments:

3 month @ 150/month

6 month @ 125/month

12 month @ 100/month

Keep in mind habit change takes time AND commitment.  We want to empower people to make health-conscience nutrition/lifestyle choices for themselves under any circumstance not just follow numbers & orders.