Personal Training

At the CrossFit Cove we have a great group of trainers that would love to work with individuals outside of group class to help you accomplish your goals. We have worked with all types of athletes to help them accomplish weight loss, performance, and overall health goals.



5 One hour sessions – $350

5 Thirty minute sessions – $200

One-on-One CrossFit 101 Classes

At the Cove we offer FREE CrossFit 101 classes on to teach people the key movements of CrossFit and to introduce them to the philosophy of the fitness program.  For those people that can’t make the times of the classes we offer one-on-one option. For $100 you get 3 sessions with a coach and additional week to try out the CrossFit Cove’s regular classes. It’s an amazing deal when you think of the cost of 1-on-1 training and you get a week of CrossFit. If you are interested contact us at or you can sign up for a “No Sweat Intro” and we can sit down and talk how we can help you.