The Best Box in Columbia continues to get better!

The Best Box in Columbia continues to get better!

As you know, we have been spending the last weeks strategizing (and already implementing) feedback we heard from the Cove and Coach’s surveys.  Hopefully you’ve seen some new equipment arriving, felt some changes in the programming and are seeing the coaches take their individual feedback to heart with nuances in how classes are run.  And we’re also adding some things into the mix to deliver on the promise of the ‘Best Hour of Your Day”.  But we also wanted to take a moment to clearly articulate some of the things we have prioritized and are addressing.  Here’s a look behind the curtain in terms of what we heard and what we are doing about it.

PROGRAMMING:  The Cove serves a broad spectrum of athlete every day, and our job is to provide programming to make sure each level is progressing at a level individual to their own needs. And regardless of level, we want to also make sure it is interesting and exciting to keep you coming back.  At the same time, safety is (and always has been) our number one concern.  Not many are aware, but we consult regularly with three PT partners to ensure we are not overusing muscle groups or putting too much strain on our athletes.  Programming is a complicated puzzle and it’s clear what we have done over the years has worked.  We’ve created some beastly athletes here at the Cove – in fact, every athlete has seen growth of one kind or another.  But we understand that as our athletes evolve, we must too.  Keeping movements and classes varied is already a key focus for us and hopefully you are feeling the differences.  We have been hitting more complexes, varying strength with percentage work, have introduced new movements and are mixing it up by adding in some classics more often (HSPU and rope climbs as examples).  Sometimes movements will also vary per track (FX/Performance/Open) but the goal is to keep things as fresh as possible for everyone.  That also means playing with different time domains (longer engine, short burners and intervals) to push your fitness no matter the stimulus.  We have also added more time caps and are communicating those intended stimuli for each workout, as these are so strategically planned.  But they also need understanding and action from you to achieve them, so please listen to your coaches, soak in the goals of the day and adjust your game plan accordingly.   We hope you are already feeling the change; but if not already – you will!

NUTRITION: Any success in fitness cannot occur without the necessary support of a healthy diet. It is the foundation of the CrossFit pyramid and we look to provide more information and support in 2019. Coach John recently completed his certification as a Precision Nutrition coach and we will now be leaning on him assist us in growing the nutritional component of the Cove. John and Coach Brittany will be the go to resources for all your nutrition needs. We also decided to purchase our own InBody Body Composition analyzer for the gym. For those that aren’t familiar with this device, it helps calculate your body fat percentage and determine the correct amount of calories you should be looking to hit with your diet. We look forward to using this tool strategically to help people meet their goals.

CLASS SIZES:  Certain hours of the day draw bigger crowds than others and we have been making some changes to address that.  But in order to make the most effective changes we ask that every athlete signs into every class you take via Wodify.  This is solely so we can determine attendance trends and make the most informed decisions possible.  For example, 4:30p on Mondays and Tuesdays are the most attended classes of the week by far. For the last month we have had an assistant coach at every 4:30p on both of those days.  This has allowed us to run classes more smoothly AND touch more athletes with personalized coaching.  But for the month of January we are excited to announce we are going to test out a 3:30pm class on Mondays and Tuesdays only.  We hope that by providing an earlier class, it can alleviate the large numbers at 4:30p.  BUT, that might not the answer if people can’t make it to 3:30.  So, that’s why we’re calling it a test!  Remember, PLEASE sign into Wodify each time to help us manage these important decisions!

EQUIPMENT:  We always love adding new toys to the playground and we continue to do so.  This fall we saw D-Balls and a yolk roll in, but we also invested in more of the core equipment.  In an effort to run classes more smoothly we have invested in additional barbells, dumbbells, dballs, plyo boxes, weights, bands,  bikes and rowers.   With our new gear we’re able to run fewer heats with nominal staggering!

YOGA:  We heard from many of you that you miss your Sunday morning yoga sessions.  Well, they are BACK!!  Starting Sunday, January 20th at 8:15, Katie Ficca will be leading us all in amazing recovery (and preparatory) sessions based on the work we do in regular CrossFit classes.  She’s a real pro (will post her bio shortly) and will focus on leading us through movements that will address the work we did during the week prior AND prep us for what’s to come in the week ahead.  You asked for it, you got it!

COMMUNITY:  It is an exciting time as the community continues to grow and evolve, but we know change can be hard.  We have heard that many of you crave more ways to get to know your fellow Covies – and connecting the OGs with the newbies is incredibly important to keeping the community thriving.  As a result, we will be hosting a slew of Cove events this first quarter (and beyond!). You’ll see that 9 out of 12 weekends in first quarter alone contain Cove social events, so no one has an excuse not to participate in several of them (or all of them)!  Here is a list of what’s to come (in date order):

January 13th we are hosting the Babes Barbells and Brunch event (all ladies welcome!  Please RSVP on the Facebook event page

January 26th is the 4 Year Anniversary Bash (mandatory attendance for all!)

February 2nd Battle of Baltimore (technically this is at CFH but we expect a huge showing from the Cove and typically we grab a drink afterwards!)

February 15th Winter BBQ (we are grilling and playing classic BBQ games throughout the gym like Cornhole and Kam Jam)

February 22nd is the first FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS OF THE OPEN!!!!

March 1st week two Open Friday Night Lights (details to come)

March 8st week three Open Friday Night Lights

March 15st week four Open Friday Night Lights

March 22nd week five Open Friday Night Lights

There are so many other changes we are implementing based on your feedback including more stretch time after class, providing specific suggested scales for the day’s movements and keeping the gym open whenever possible.  All of this takes a village and we are so grateful for your inputs – AND to the coaches for helping us make it all possible.  We are honored to be the Best Box in Howard County according to Howard Magazine, but unless each and every one of you feels it, we will continue on the relentless pursuit to make that happen.