Tuesday 9/11/2018 - Crossfitcove

Tuesday 9/11/2018



**Accumulate: 413 Rope Climbs as a gym.  During 9/11 – 343 firefighters and 71 law enforcement officers died in the World Trade Center and on the ground in New York City,[6]

Spend 10 minutes working on rope climbs

P/PP Mods:

Alternate between KB rope pulls, Is / Ys / Ts, & DB rows




“The Chief”

Max rounds in 3 minutes of:
3 Power Cleans
6 Push-ups
9 Squats

Rest 1 minute.

Repeat for a total of 5 cycles.

Post rounds completed for each of the 5 cycles.

Fitness: 95/65
Performance: 135/95
Open: 135/95

P/PP Mods:

-Sub DB Power Cleans

-Incline Push Ups


Coach’s Tip: We have some skill work that will take everybody’s help throughout the day for our 9/11 tribute.  Then we hit a Hero WOD to finish off our day-long tribute.  Come ready to work hard!

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