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Two Spots Left For Barbell Club


For those olympic lifting enthusiast we will be running our barbell club again starting on January 10th.  This is a six week course focused on teaching and improving your snatch and clean and jerk. If you are an athlete that loves or is mystified by these lifts this program might be right for you.  We are limiting those program to only ten athletes so we can give everyone a lot of attention– and there are just two spots left! 

Details: Starting January 10th and lasting for 6 weeks (ending February 16th).

Times: Wednesday and Friday evenings from 7:30 PM

Cost: $125 for Cove Members. For Non Members $175

Cap: The class will be limited to 10 athletes.  

Common Questions:

  1. Can I miss a few classes?  Yes, there will be 12 classes over six weeks try to make at least 9 of them.
  2. What if I am a beginner? No problem, this class is for beginner and advanced lifters. The focus is on getting better and not actually going to the Olympics!
  3. Can I still CrossFit? Of course, but be aware that you are adding to your work load so you might have to take a step back on the number of classes you take or the weight you are using. We promise that this type of focused attention will help you improve your CrossFit in the long run. 
  4. What else can I expect?  Talk to us and we’ll answer any questions you might have.  Or we’re happy to put you in touch with an athlete who did the last cycle to get a personal reference!
  5. How do I join? Just use the following link to lock up your spot for this cycle of the Barbell Club.

Push Jerks 2/2/2/2/2 ( 95%+ of 1 RM)

Push Press 3/3/3/3/3 ( 90%+ of 3 RM) 


14 EMOM 

Even: 3 Deadlifts (they do not need to be touch and go) 

Odd: ____ Burpee Box Jumps

Fitness: 7 BBJ

Performance: 7 BBJ

Open: 8 BBJ

Coach’s Tip:  If you are going to drop your deadlifts be sure to take the time to get a good set up with your deadlift. Try to keep your shins vertical and braced throughout the midline.


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