CrossFit is an all-inclusive fitness program designed to optimize results against ALL measures. It is scalable and suitable for all ages and physical conditions. Regardless of your fitness level, Crossfit can be a life-changing experience.

We believe life is a sport.  We need to train our bodies for everyday movements, long-term health and future independence.  If life is the sport, you are the athlete.  Yes, YOU ARE AN ATHLETE. We are the coaches. And together with the other athletes, we are a team.

Crossfit workouts are run in a class setting.  We use a mix of gymnastics (body weight movements like pull ups and push ups, weight lifting (using external weights like barbells and kettle bells) and mononstructural elements (rowing, running, etc.). Each class runs approximately an hour including a warm up, WOD (workout of the day) and cool down.  Every workout is different — from the movements used, the intensity, loading, and time domains. This variety allows our athletes to maximize their results.

Workouts are recorded so you can track your times, weights used and number of reps. This is for you to monitor your individual improvement; it is not a competition with anyone else!

The music is on. The clock counts down to 3-2-1… then its go-time!