Coach Brian

Brian Anglim


I am a coach at heart. I grew up playing sports through the collegiate level, but found my real calling after graduation when I went from executing the plays to calling them. As a high school history teacher and basketball coach, I found that helping train, educate and inspire someone gave me fulfillment I never knew possible.

As I grew older, coaching commitments became more difficult. Coaching and teaching ultimately took a sideline to a professional career in technology, becoming a husband and father of two. But I still tried to be the fit, active and athletic guy I was when I played. I’ve worked out my entire life — going to the gym, lifting weights and even running the occasional half-marathon. But I wasn’t getting more fit. Or more healthy. As it turns out, I was going through the motions with no results. That is, until I found CrossFit.

The day I stepped in the box, something changed. I challenged myself like I never had before. I was coached like I was an athlete again. I found myself doing things I never thought possible in my 20s, no less in my 40s. This refueled my interest in athletics and I became certified NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist.

And now I’m pivoting to turn my passion into my career. I want to commit myself to doing something I love. And as a coach and owner of the Cove, I am excited to do for others what I have experienced.


  • CrossFit KidsTue 4:00 am - 6:00 am