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Chris Franey


Regardless of your age, athleticism, or experience CrossFit has a way of being exactly what you need right when you need it.

Growing up here in Columbia I’ve always been an athlete.  I was swimming before I was walking, I ran track and field in school, I became obsessed with everything cycling and competed in every triathlon distance that exist.  As long as I can remember, I was driven by the idea of challenging myself and competing.  Always asking myself if I could go faster or go further for the next event.  I had just completed an Ironman Triathlon and I was looking for something new to keep challenging myself. That’s ultimately what led me to CrossFit.

It was just what I needed.  Something to kick my butt, leave me laying on the floor gasping for air and wondering if I could even do it again.  I got that… and a whole lot more.  I discovered quickly what being fit and healthy really meant.  I realized that the community you hear so much about really does exist and it’s awesome. I realized that the feeling of accomplishment I felt several times a year when I raced, I could feel several times a week — and it was fun.  In fact, when people ask me to describe CrossFit to them, my answer is always the same: IT’S ADULT RECESS.  It’s an hour a day where I can let go and hangout with friends and laugh and burn off some of that negative energy that gets pent up inside from whatever frustrates us on a daily basis.

Nowadays, my need is for CrossFit to fuel my passion for technique.  There’s an art form to movements that we practice, and working on perfecting them is what enables an individual to move weight they never thought possible or complete a benchmark WOD a minute faster than their previous time.  It’s simple at times and extremely complex at times.  Whether it’s their first pull up or their new overhead squat PR, it’s an amazing thing to help someone work through a sticking point and watch them achieve milestones they never thought possible.


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