Geo Rockwell

      I am from the great state of MD, went to Salisbury University and graduated with a degree in Physical Education. I taught high school PE for four years then went on to open a CrossFit gym in San Diego, CA in 2009. I knew nothing about business, but I loved fitness and I loved helping people. After three successful years in sunny San Diego, I moved back to my hometown. The only thing I wanted to do was open another gym so in 2012 I opened CrossFit Fedearl Hill in Baltimore. Through CFH I met Brian and Marina. After a few years of WODing together they approached me about helping them open the Cove in Columbia. I jumped at the opportunity and I could not be more excited about growing and cultivating another community.

The cliche answer of “I love what I do” is the best way I can sum up how I feel about CrossFit. It is said by many, but truly carried out by few. I consider myself one of the lucky ones. Making a difference in fitness, correcting form, preventing injuries, and creating athletic monsters is all part of the fun, but for me it does not matter if you are good, bad, or the best in the world. It is about enabling people to break down barriers that were impossible five minutes before class or two months before joining.

It is amazing to be a part of something so powerful. Doing physically impossible tasks together creates a bond and community that can not be duplicated.I believe this warehouse is much more than a place to improve fitness. Our goal is to create friendships, help people grow and set up an environment that is welcoming, but challenges you physically, mentally and emotionally.