Holden Harriot

Holden Harriot

Technically I’m from Fort Washington, MD, but sometimes saying “DC” is easier.  I’m someone who doesn’t fit neatly into an athletic box.  I didn’t play sports growing up – in fact, I was extremely overweight.  I had no confidence in doing anything athletic, which was a hard place to be in a family of athletes.

Instead, I focused on computers.  I snuck in the gym every now and then to do some bench presses and squats, but other than that, my lack of confidence and shyness kept me from finding my fitness. 

As I got older I left DC for  College Park and got a job moving furniture.  But it was 11 miles away from where I lived and I had no car.  So I biked there and home every day.  There was a CrossFit gym nearby, so given that my job (that happened I to be very good at) was touting they are about building “functional fitness”,   I was getting fitter by just riding my bike to and from work, so maybe I could do this too.  With some trepidation, I gave it a try.

I haven’t looked back since.  I’ve been an athlete and a coach at a several CrossFit gyms over the years.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe I went from this shy and overnight person to someone who can comfortably call themselves and “athlete”.   

But given all my experiences, there’s just nothing like the Cove.   It is so welcoming and it’s not about being the ‘best of the best’.  It’s about doing YOUR personal best.  People here are all about making themselves better every day and trying something new.  Here, if you put in the work, you get the results.  I Promise.