Josh Hippensteel

Josh Hippensteel

Raised just across the Mason-Dixon in Pennsylvania, I have been involved in sports ever since I could crawl.  Through collegiate baseball, coaching, and now working with high school/youth athletes, sports have completely consumed my life and there is nothing I would do to change that.  I have always put myself and others in a position to compete and I can’t get enough of that feeling.  Now as I get older and wiser, I’ve realized that while growing up, everything came easy.  I never really appreciated “the grind” or went above and beyond to be better than I naturally was in the sport I was playing.  I was always so focused on the skill work and mechanics involved with specializing at one thing or one sport.  Crossfit was a huge wake-up call.

I had always talked smack on Crossfit and preached the classic phrase – “I’m not trying to be the best at exercising” – because I never viewed Crossfit as a sport.  But when you step into the box for the first time, the competitiveness, skill work, and camaraderie all come back into play as if you’re on the field.  Only this time around, you’re not specializing, you’re becoming a well-rounded athlete who is ready for anything thrown your way.  Crossfit is not just a sport, it’s a way of life and prepares you for just that…life.  No other sport can do that.  Hanging from a cliff?  Well you can do a muscle-up, so you’re not falling today.  Your buddy needs to move his living room chair onto a moving truck?  Tell your buddy to start up the truck because you’re going to clean and jerk that thing by yourself.  Bear chasing you?  Well…just run, trust me, you have the endurance.

Of course, your personal goals at the box will always be there, but you care just as much about the person next to you doing their first push-up, first toes-to-bar, or hitting a PR.  The feel of community and collaboration personally drives me to do things I never thought I was capable of doing.  That is what fuels me to constantly motivate others to see those results.  I never used to have patience with the process or appreciate “the grind”, but Crossfit leaves you with that every day hunger of wanting more.  The results follow.

Like Randy Johnson once said – “when you can throw 97mph and put the ball over the plate any time you want, it’s fun.”

Randy is right, that sounds like a ton of fun.  But you can’t come out and throw 97mph with perfect accuracy right out of the gate, just like you can’t deadlift 500 pounds on the first rep of your first day in the box.  It’s a process and that is the most fun part about it – we get to do this every day and keep building.  I’m going to yell and scream along the way not because I’m angry, I’m just having a lot of fun because we’re all putting up killer numbers.  Now, I look forward to the daily grind and I want to instill that passion in everyone I have the pleasure of coaching.  I’m ready for the slamming weights and noise complaints, just let me have my coffee first.