One year ago Brent, Kevin and Corey joined our six-week Men’s Challenge looking to make a change.  And wow… did they!   

Deciding to make a positive change in your life is something a lot of people often contemplate, but very few actually DO anything about it.  These three men not only jumped in feet first, they’ve been swimming in the Cove waters for a full year now.

Instead of getting a cake or going out for drinks, they celebrated their one year anniversary of CrossFit (and the Cove) by re-doing their very first workout here.  And the results of their hard work paid off big time.

On day one (and then one year later) one their workout consisted of:

200M Run
20 Goblet Squats
15 Ab Mat Situps
10 Push Ups
12 Minute AMRAP

Kevin increased his number of rounds by 1 full round and 8 reps AND upped the KB weight from 26 to 35lbs.

Corey improved by almost 2 full rounds and also increased the weight used.

And Brent increased by almost 2 rounds and did full range pushups and sit ups (vs. scaling the movements the first go around).

This is why we love CrossFit.  Data doesn’t lie.  These guys have got stronger. More flexible.  And so much more resilient.  After their first workout they laid on the ground sprawled out.  Many of us do that after a workout, but they laid there a LONG time.  After the retest they were hi-fiving, hanging out and laughing like nothing had just happened.  What you do IN the workout matters, but how you recover is one of the ultimate measures of good fitness.

In addition to the story the numbers tell, the last year has been a game changer for them on so many levels.  One came to us as a former smoker who couldn’t run 200 meters without gasping for air.  Another had little energy to play with his active boys.  And now it’s a whole new ball game.  From building capacity to lift more and increasing their engines, they also find life outside the box is just more fun.  They approached it not just as a workout routine, but a lifestyle change… and it worked.

When you see these guys at the gym, congratulate them on a job well done.  And if you know anyone looking for a change or on the fence about the this CrossFit thing, tell them about these three fine men.  Not only have they changed their own lives, they’ve changed ours!