Don’t let Patrick S’s quiet demeanor fool you. He’s turning into a beast of epic proportions, but because he is so humble and unassuming, you’d never know it unless you were paying attention. And we certainly are.

If you watch him now, his movement is so much better and more efficient. His lifts are more explosive, yet controlled. His engine is stronger. And even his everyday posture is better. His transformation has been nothing short of remarkable.

Patrick came to us through his wife Jessica. She’s been a staple of this community from the beginning, and even has our nautilus shell logo tattooed on her leg, so it was only a matter of time before she got him in here to taste the kool-aid.

He had never tried something like this before, but was always active with work and through playing with his kids. But as they got older, he did less and less physically. “I did more playing with the kids when they were younger. Then it got to the point where I couldn’t throw them anymore.”

“There was a point where my weight kept rising and I just was in pain all the time. I had an arm injury that kept me from using it for a year but now everything was really hurting.  I could see my future and it wasn’t great. I knew if I didn’t make a change soon it might be too late. The longer I wait the harder it is going to be to make a positive change.”

“Jessica was having so much success at the gym that it was a no brainer to give it a try. It has really done great things for her health and happiness, and while she never really pushed or pressured me to do CrossFit, she gave me my space, but with all the success she was having how could I not try it.”


“And when I did decide to join she was just so excited.”

“It was my decision to join because it was right for ME. I wasn’t really intimidated so just jumped in. I never really thought about how hard it might be. But wow. It was really hard! Like nothing I have done before. I have never worked that hard in my life but it was on the whiteboard so I did it. I wanted to accomplish the task that was given to me.  If the workout wasn’t planned out I probably would have given up. But when the task is completed I feel really great about it.”

 “And the biggest bonus was having the time to share something with Jessica. Anything I get to do with her is worth it.

It’s become a total family affair now. With Jessica playing the dual role of sitter and athlete, they often bring the kids to the gym. And the kids have turned into their own personal fans. “Sometimes I will be working out and Jessica will point me out to my kids (in the kids room) and they will start waving and cheering for me.”

A lot has changed for Patrick since he started doing CrossFit. “I feel like I have control of my body. I have a lot more mobility. And I’m not having the aches and pains that I used to have.” And that arm injury? “It’s completely better now.”


Most of us at the Cove train don’t plan to compete and are simply training to live better lives. And Patrick is the poster child for that. “Nothing is hard anymore around the house. I am excited to conquer things now when I avoided them in the past. I feel a lot like I used to when I was younger.”

We asked Patrick what advice he’d give to someone in his position or that hasn’t tried it before. “You need to just try it. It is totally okay if you don’t know what you are doing because there are so many people ready to help you. If you are looking for a community to support you, it’s here. If you are looking to do things on your own, you can do it here too. And you might actually surprise yourself.”

Yes, Patrick. You’ve surprised us all. Keep up the great work!