What is crossfit?


Crossfit is defined as a fitness program based around constantly varied, functional movements performed at a high intensity. It is often described as broad, general and inclusive. But more simply put, Crossfit is about teaching people how to move. Mastering movement patterns that are essential to life. To human well being. To future independence.

Think about it. We all squat everyday. We all deadlift (that is, pick stuff up from the ground). We jump, run and throw. These are all natural movements we master in Crossfit training. So what does this mean for you? It means we do not specialize in one specific aspect of fitness rather we strive to become a well-rounded athletes that are prepared for the unexpected demands of life. Its all designed so that if need to move a couch, pick up a child (or even throw them up in the air) or run to catch a train you can do it safely and with ease!

You will experience a wide variety of measurable, functional exercise performed at a high level of mental and physical intensity. And virtuous technique will ensure your safety and deliver the most effective results possible.You’re going to get stronger. You’re going to get more flexible. Your confidence is going to rise signifcantly. You are setting up patterns of success across all of life. And yes, you will look better too!

The net result is a community that is bound by a belief in self, a belief in one another and a belief that fitness is for life.

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