The Fresh Start challenge is a five-week program designed to help you set and achieve your own fitness, diet and overall health goals in a welcoming and supported atmosphere.  Our next Challenge starts APRIL 8TH, and there’s no better time than the present to get started!

The Challenge requires a commitment to come to the gym three days a week, for five weeks and to follow a Paleo style of eating.  And we promise, in return you’ll achieve results you never thought possible.  If you are not ready for a change and can’t make this commitment to us (and more importantly, to YOURSELF) this not the right program for you.

It goes far beyond the physical changes. The strength and confidence gained in the Challenge will translate far beyond the walls of this gym.  Don’t just take our word for it — hear the stories of our past Challenge members in this video below:




For the women who have gone through this challenge with us, not only have their bodies change dramatically, we’ve seen seismic shifts in confidence, self esteem and self worth.  Don’t just listen to us, hear what they had to say…

12273765_10207992427756655_7639040421207564606_oVanessa:  “After just four weeks I fit in clothes I haven’t worn in over eight years. Thank you, for beeng such an awesome coach! Thank you to you and Brian for starting this challenge! I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes me!”


13238886_10104586416281858_4139688992013175362_nBrittany:  “I was scared and intimidated and doubtful of my own abilities before stepping into my first class. And that after the very first class, after meeting all of you, after being encouraged and guided by the coaches and crossfit members, that I am confident, that I am proud and that I am continuing to improve everyday with a community of people who genuinely care. Thank you CrossFit Cove!”


13177986_10100440135821853_5603513758684912874_nChelsea: I firmly believe it’s been one of the best things to happen to me in a long time- I am so much more confident in who I am and were I want my fitness to go.


12096615_10204888874318372_8576683775051011632_nPrincess: Losing weight might be my initial goal starting this program, but I have learned so much more since we started. The number in the scale may be decreasing but better self-control is definitely more of an accomplishment for me. I learned to say no to bad urges or bad food for my body. I also learned that “exercise” is only one part of healthy living and that nutrition should be our priority. I never knew I could make such a drastic change in myself but definitely loving every single moment that I make myself a better and stronger woman.”


You don’t need to be in shape to do CrossFit! CrossFit will get you in shape!!!

Many people think they need get in shape before they try something new, especially something like CrossFit. But it is this style of working out (high intensity interval training) that will actually get you in shape the quickest!  

IMG_1740 (1)

You won’t be alone on this journey.  The Fresh Start classes are separate from the regular class schedule and will be full of women (women only!) on a journey similar to yours. We work with people of all ages and abilities. And we will teach you everything you need to know. Everyone will have a different starting point. Everyone will come in with different goals. And our job is to get each and every person on their own path to success.


Our name, the Cove, by definition represents a place that is sheltered and protected. And we want this to be your safe place. Free from judgement and the craziness of the outside world.   And the time you spend here is YOUR time to achieve YOUR goals.


 Expect to work hard. We don’t care where you’re starting from, only that you try your hardest and finish the 5 weeks!

Expect to be sore.  The first week can be an adjustment, but the recovery will be easier and the soreness lessens after the first week!

Expect to eat great foods and delicious foods.   There are so many choices on the Paleo eating plan.  We bet you’ll never go back to your old ways!

Expect to make friends.  We all work hard TOGETHER and this creates a bond immediately.

Expect to change your life.

For more details email:info@crossfitcove.comIMG_1794


  • Five weeks of CrossFit classes 3 x per week (four weeks of dedicated “Fresh Start” classes plus a free week of regular classes)
  • Pre and post measurements (including photos, weight, body measurements and performance comparisons)
  • Classes will be all female and dedicated to Fresh Start athletes ONLY
  • The program starts on April 8th with classes are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 7:30 PM.
  • Limited to 10 women for the program.
  • Detailed instruction and safe practice on functional movements
  • Fully guided and coached classes by certified CrossFit coaches
  • Paleo Eating Plan with on-going nutritional support
  • Private FaceBook group for ongoing community and coaching support
  • The entire package costs $275.  No hidden fees.  No contracts.


    • Sign up for an in person interview with one of our coaches.

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Not sure you’re ready? You can email info@crossfitcove.com with any questions you have about the challenge but we highly encourage setting an interview to come in and talk!