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Cove Kids

Our goal at the Cove has been to create a positive community of physical, social, and emotional growth and our Cove Kids Program has allowed us to extend our mission to a younger generation. Cove Kids teaches foundational movements to boys and girls in a manner that encourages fun, personal expression, teamwork and a growth mindset that is so important to them in all things in life. 

Cove Kids

Kids will run, jump, climb, lift, set goals and laugh together while developing a foundation that will serve them well in sports, play, and living a healthy life. 

Cove Kids
Cove Kids

Meet Coach Katie

Coach Katie Ficca is a Brand X Certified Instructor and Physical Education teacher at St. John’s Parish Day School as well as our yoga teacher here at Cove. She is super passionate about movement and excited for the on-going evolving kids program as it allows for us to build longer term progressions and development pathways for our young athletes over an extended period of time.  It also allows us to develop stronger relationships with the kids — and the kids with each other —  just like we get to do every day in our regular adult classes. The cost of the program is $75 for a 5 class pack and $20 for a drop in. 


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