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Our COVID Safety Protocols

The CrossFit Cove recognizes the dangers that exist during the current COVID-19 crisis and it has always been our driving mission to keep our athletes as safe as possible..  We have always looked to the leadership of Governor Hogan and County Executive Calvin Ball on how to deal with this virus. (I’d change to: We have always adhered to the protocols determined by the CDC and local government leadership (Governor Hogan and County Executive Calvin Ball) to minimize risk to our Cove community. We have also been in contact with Executive Ball’s office in developing our COVID-19 policies and they have felt that our protocols provide a safe and healthy environment. In fact, we don’t just meet those standards, we strive to surpass them whenever we can. And we take great comfort knowing that, what we do as a gym, is crucial to our response in resisting this virus.

Our job is to reduce risk, but there is no such thing as zero risk (this is true in all things in life).  Our facility is over 8,000 square feet with 22’ tall ceilings and multiple doors to out outside and a huge garage bay door. And with current class sizes of 17 people, we provide ample space for appropriate distancing (typically 2-3x the recommended distance).  Our facility also features a custom-engineered industrial fan that is constantly pulling air out of the gym and replacing it with fresh outside air. We also monitor safe levels of C02 via an air-monitoring device to ensure we are going appropriate airflow within the gym. We feel that with our space, fresh air inputs, and the other safety guidelines listed below, that we can provide a safe environment for our athletes.

  • Prior to coming to class, you will need to reserve a spot via  Wodify. We do this to ensure we are keeping classes to a maximum of 17 athletes.
  • Upon entering the building, we ask that you wear a mask. 
  • There are sanitizer bottles at the front desk and multiple other locations throughout the gym. We ask that you use sanitizer and wash your hands upon entering in one of the bathrooms or in the kitchen sink.
  • There are a series of cubbies by the main gym door for your things so you can maximize your workout space. But you can bring your things to your designated workout station if you’d like.
  • Each day there is a designated space for each athlete sized for appropriate distancing and the equipment needs of the day’s workout (we often place extra stations out in case people want to spread out even further.)
  • Mask should remain on while getting your equipment for class and once you retrieve the equipment you need, we ask you to try to stay in your station as much as possible.
  • Once you are at your coned off area class has begun, you are welcome to take your mask off if you have any issues breathing or any sort of discomfort while working out.
  • Once class is completed, we ask that you spay down your equipment with our cleaner and dry them with the towels provided. There are designated areas with cleaning supplies.
  • We also have spray mops for cleaning your floor space. You may want to bring your own yogaa mat to make clean up easier.
  • We ask that all athletes that are displaying any symptoms to not come to class.  When in doubt, stay at home!

We continue to tweak and evolve our policies as we learn more. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at and our coaches are always there to help.