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Youth Strength and Conditioning at Cove Fitness

    Let this summer be a springboard to your child’s success in the coming school year and in life. Our young athletes need an outlet to continue to develop their athletic ability — but also a way to satisfy the emotional benefit sports provide. The Cove Strength and Conditioning program can provide your child the training and motivation they need to take their fitness to the next level. This program can provide community, support, and the fun that they are missing in today’s times.

    Below is a summary of program details and what your athlete can expect:

    • Training across all fitness domains (strength, power, endurance, agility, mobility and more)
    • Thorough instruction on technique & progressions for all levels of athlete
    • Fun, friendly & inclusive environment
    • Expert training from certified L-1 Coaches
    • Classes run 1 hour each (Monday 1 PM, Wednesday 7 PM, and Saturday at 1:30 PM)
    • Eight weeks (3x week) starting July 3rd and ending on August 21st.
    • Classes can be purchased via a punch card, perfect for busy families with lots of summer plans and commitments.

    Designed for middle and high school athletes, this co-ed program will build a base of strength, speed, power and quickness that will give them a competitive edge in whatever sport they pursue. 

    Cove Fitness has been voted Best in Howard for four years running and is the premiere functional fitness gym in the county.  The program is designed to work for all teens and competitive athletes, regardless of fitness level or experience. The training sessions can be adjusted according to the specific needs and goals of each athlete.

    This six-week session includes three training days per week. The program is limited to 15 athletes only so reserve your spot now via or you can sign up HERE.