Wednesday Wins!

Wednesday Wins!


If you don’t rise before dawn, you might miss this guy crushing WODs and transforming himself before your very eyes.  He’s a 5:30am regular, has been with us since October, and in those six months he’s made drastic changes both inside and outside the box.  And now that he’s just wrapped our New Year Nutrition Challenge with incredible results, he’s looking pretty darn good too!

He’s been doing CrossFit for almost two years, but the last few months have been game changers.  He’s faster, stronger and more mobile than ever, and has now made the diet changes to make all that hard work pay off BIG TIME.


We always preach the mobility gospel at the Cove, and Paul bought in to that big time.  He’s been “tight” his whole life, but has now been doing ROMWOD 2 to 4 times a week.  While he’ll admit he’s still not as flexible as some (or as flexible as he’d like to be), his mobility gains has made a world of difference.  He said everything just “feels better”.  His can get into better positions on his lifts now  (which let’s him lift more!) and recovery is always easier after a little ROMWOD.


He said he’s always balked at the expression that “it’s 20% what you do at the gym and 80% what you do in the kitchen”, but he’s now a convert.   He’s always eaten well (or so he thought), but learned that even food that wasn’t ‘that bad’ had things he wasn’t aware of.  He followed Coach Brittany’s plan to the letter.  In fact, he was THE MOST CONSISTENT challenge participant!  He shifted his mindset and started eating for PERFORMANCE.   He made adjustments along the way: eating too much protein first and not enough carbs. But he knows what to do now and figuring it out was all a part of the journey.  And the results are astounding. In 35 days he:

He lost 8lbs of body fat.  His % BF dropped from 17% to 13%.  For someone his age (let’s just say, he’s in the “masters” Open team), that puts him in the “lean” or “athlete” categories on a body composition chart.  And he swears this was not a one time thing, this is the new him.


This was the first time he has done something like this.  He’s made changes over the years, but nothing quite as seismic as the changes made during the Challenge. He cut out caffeine a year ago. But now that he’s figured out this eating part, his energy comes from food, not from coffee our Mountain Dew (yep, Mountain Dew was a “thing”).

This guy runs LONG days. He’s up before 5a and in bed after 10p. He said “I’d drink a Mountain Dew. I really thought I NEEDED it.  But now instead of grabbing something for quick energy when I need a boost I make smarter choices.  I was on the go the other day and I got a kale and quinoa salad from the deli and was GREAT. Never would have heard me say this before!“. AND CHEESE!  Yes, like many of us, cheese was “his thing”.  Not just any cheese, but Velveeta!  Once referred to him as “liquid gold“, it now “doesn’t even entertain me anymore!


We asked what advice he’d give to someone struggling with food and their fitness.  His answer was simple:  “YOU HAVE TO COMMIT“. “You already committed to CrossFit. Of course the gains you came here for will come… to be better… to be stronger… to be faster. But it will be slower.”  COMMIT and the hard work in the gym will pay off a LOT faster.

So now what?  He’s lost the weight he wanted. Now its about maintaining his food intake and finding the right balances of carbs, fats and proteins. He’s eliminated the “junk” he had in the past and the Challenge helped him think creatively about how to eat better.  Not just for 35 days, but for life.




25 min EMOM

Min 1: 12 Overhead Squats

Min 2: 12 Burpees

Min 3: 12 KB Russian Swings

Min 4: 12 Thrusters

Min 5: Rest


Fitness: 45/35, 35/26

RX: 75/55, 53/35

RX+: 95/65, 70/53

Coach’s Tip: Wednesdays are fast becoming EMOM day!  Last Wednesday we tackled a tough WOD that ran for 30 minutes (and included the assault bike) and we had LOTS of people laying on the mats after.  Today’s should be tough, but we don’t want it to be THAT hard.  Feel free to scale the volume as needed; we want you to have at least 15 second of rest before you hit the next station!  We will also continue to focus on quality of movement!  The KB Swings should give plenty of recovery time so that the OHS, Burpees and Thrusters should be challenging but attainable.


Meet Eric W!  He’s only been with us a few weeks and yet he’s already crushing 17.1. AMAZING.