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Welcome to the CrossFit Cove 



The Best Part of Your Day Starts Now

When you step into the CrossFit Cove you are in a unique place where positivity, support, and encouragement prevail. The very nature of our name “The Cove” connotes a protected enclave – that is, a place you can go to that offers a respite from the pressures and judgments of the outside world. A place where you can just let loose. We believe in ‘play’ and ‘fun’ but believe equally in hard work and getting results. Our athletes accomplish fitness goals that they never thought possible through hard work, an expert coaching staff, and a supportive community. 


The Cove is different from other Crossfit gyms. We understand that finding balance among career, family and self is a constant struggle that often feels impossible to reach. With Crossfit Cove’s extensive class schedules, expert coaching staff, open gym access, child care, family programs and a supportive community you will see there’s a solution for any situation. We promise your experience inside the Cove will help you take on the realities of life outside the Cove.