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20 Second Hollow Hold

20 Second Flutter Kick

20 Second Rest

6 Minutes

Coach’s Tip: If you competed last weekend, this is your chance to see a) how you can do in this WOD-redo’ by doing it ‘fresh’ and b) really dial in on form for the deadlifts without having the pressure of competition score!  If you didn’t compete, you can see how you would have fared if you DID participate in the Clash of the Cove!  Find the load on the barbell that works for YOU.  That means a weight where you can pull big sets with a nice flat back ‘touch and go’!

Here’s the aftermath for Zipporah at the Clash at the Cove following WOD 3 (as Ronnie straps in for his heat)… this is how the Ellsworth’s roll!