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The “Committed Club”!


At the onset of the holiday season we put out a challenge for folks to attend regular (and log their attendance) to prove they visited 21 or more times.  While we know travel and family kept some people away, let’s celebrate the dedication of the following folks who are now deemed members of the “Committed Club”!  Keeping your fitness a priority over the holidays is challenging and we are so proud of their efforts!

Bianca Smith

Alea Burke

Irina Kolb

Misa Francis

Susan Sanchez

Shaun Chemplavil

Jessica Marx

John Creveling

Middle Aged Jo

Ethan Wasil

Angela Davis

Keith O’Donnell

Ryan Woodward

Skott Sipe

Aditya Vadlamoodi

Katie Goble


15 Banded Pull Aparts

10 Bird Dogs  (with a pause)

1:00 Max Double Unders

4 Rounds



Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes:

20 KB Swings

20 Sit ups

Max Cove Shuttle Run (down and back)

Score = Total shuttle runs

Open: GHD Sit Ups


Coach’s Tip: A little skill work to open the shoulders and work the core followed by a body weight killer.  You should have about 1 minute for the shuttle runs, so scale the work before it to allow for some run time.  There is no rest so the rounds will get shorter and shorter!

No one puts in more effort than this athlete. Go Keisha!

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